Starbucks accepting Apple Pay
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Starbucks Stores Will Start Accepting Apple Pay Very Soon

The vice president of Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey, told the world about the company’s plans during the Code Mobile conference. Jennifer said that Starbucks stores would begin to accept payments from Apple Pay in the nearest future. According to the company’s plans, people will be able to use Apple Pay for purchasing products and services at Starbucks stores in 2016.

Ms. Bailey has also told that Apple Pay is also going to establish partnership with some other companies. For example, such well-known restaurant chains as Chili’s and KFC are also planning to accept Apple Pay very soon. Jennifer points out that KFC restaurant chain needs to provide its customers with a fast and effective payment solution. It is beyond doubt that Apple Pay will correspond to the needs of KFC’s customers completely.

Obviously, if Apple Pay is used by the popular restaurant chains the mobile payment system will definitely manage to expand significantly. It is necessary to say that Apple Pay is already used by such well-known companies as Jet Blue and Rite Aid. Special attention should be drawn to the fact that some companies that use Apple Pay now refused from this service in the past.

The representatives of Starbucks have also commented the situation and told about their plans of establishing partnership with Apple Pay. Obviously, they are excited about providing their customers with such a great payment option as Apple Pay.

During the interview with the New York Times the representatives of Starbucks told that the company would start testing Apple Pay in some its stores very soon. Starbucks will implement Apple Pay in all its US stores in 2016. Moreover, Starbucks is also planning to make its Apple Pay available for all its UK stores. Some UK stores have already been accepting Apple Pay for several months. The system has perfectly recommended itself in the UK stores of the company. As it is planned, Apple Pay will be used in 7,500 Starbucks stores the next year.

Today, people can use Starbucks' mobile app to buy products in the company’s chain of stores. Moreover, customers who use the mobile application for shopping at Starbucks stores will also get rewards. It has been estimated that the app already generates up to 20% of company’s sales.

Despite the fact that Apple launched its Apple Pay service in September 2014 the system has quickly gained the popularity among online businesses. Jennifer Bailey says that the number of people who prefer to use mobile payments for shopping is increasing year after year.

It has been estimated that the number of US consumers who use mobile payments is going to reach 22.6 million this year. That’s why more and more online businesses prefer to provide their customers with such payment methods as Apple Pay.