Clover App for food truck
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Tursus has Developed an App for Food Truck Clover POS Systems

EMV new credit card standards are going to change the process of credit card processing significantly. This means that business owners take responsibility for any of fraudulent charges made by their POS systems. Obviously, it would be better for food truck owners to update their POS systems and be able to detect stolen and lost cards. New credit card regulations began to act after October 1 this year.

In order to resolve the problem of credit card frauds such well-known companies as MasterCard, Europay and Visa decided to implement new technologies into their business. As a result, credit cards with special microchips were issued by the companies.

Moreover, business owners have to update their POS systems in order to accept credit cards that contain microchips. It is important to know that cards are not swiped by the modern POS systems. The up-to-date POS system just reads computer chip that is provided in cards. So, if someone uses a stolen or lost credit card a POS system will detect this easily.                

Trying to help food truck owners avoid fraudulent charges in their work, Tursus has released a special application that can be successfully used for Clover POS systems in food trucks. The food truck application provides business owners with numerous easy-to-use tools and protects their businesses from fraudulent transactions properly.

It is important to know that the application is designed only for Clover POS systems which FOAT (Food on a Truck) offers to food truck owners. Clover provides food trucks with special hardware. The hardware works as a POS system. These food truck owners, who take advantage of the newly released Tursus application, can be sure that their POS system works correctly and will help them detect and prevent credit card fraudulent charges successfully.

When designing its software Tursus has taken into consideration the needs of business owners. That’s why the application delivers multiple benefits to food truck owners. However, the most important competitive advantage of the application is that it allows food truck owners to detect credit card frauds of any kind. So, you don’t need to worry about frauds anymore. Skimming during transactions is also reduced. The app allows food truck owners to accept contactless payments from mobile payments systems such as Apple Pay. The application provides a lot of other great features which are especially important to the modern food truck. This means that the owners of food trucks, who install the software and update their POS systems, can just stay focused on doing their business.

Without a doubt, both food truck owners and their consumers can benefit from using the innovative FOAT systems. On the one hand, people don’t need to worry that their credit card can be used in food trucks if it is lost or stolen. On the other hand, food truck owners will be able to protect their businesses from new credit card regulations.