Is Mobile Worth It For Your Company?
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Is Mobile Worth It For Your Company?

Mobile commerce has been getting a lot of positive press lately, and for the most part, it’s hard to argue with the studies. Over ½ of all purchases made via e-commerce are done via mobile devices, and statistics show that a majority of people who want to buy from a company will search it up via their mobile device. In other words, having a mobile presence can really make a difference in how a company is perceived and how profitable a company is. But, there’s different ways you can get mobile. Which ones are worth for you will depend on a number of factors.

Mobile E-Commerce

Mobile friendly e-commerce sites are a must these days, simply because so many people are surfing the net via mobile device. A good merchant processing company can help you make it possible to accept e-commerce orders via both computer and mobile phone without actually having to spend a fortune on a new website. If you want to improve your sales, then by all means, get e-commerce for your company.

A Mobile Terminal

Are you constantly on the go? Getting a terminal that can be used by plugging into a mobile phone can be an easy solution for tough payment situations. The convenience of being able to accept credit cards is a great thing for companies and sales teams that do door to door sales, flea markets, or similarly mobile forms of business. One study even showed that girl scout troops earned as much as 30% more if they had a mobile terminal.

Mobile Payment Acceptance

Apple Pay has been a source of major buzz when it came to the mobile industry. Using a phone to pay a bill still has been relatively novel, and for the most part, merchants aren’t too hot on Apple Pay. However, if you’re working with a demographic that often involves online businesses, doing this may be a good move. After all, it’s better to stay ahead of the curve than behind one.

QR Codes

If you have your own QR code, you can run your own ads that are sent directly to peoples’ mobile devices. They are scannable, and easy to obtain. Having a merchant services company that allows you to make custom receipts makes this very easy and affordable to do. In this case, it’s more of a “Why not?” rather than a “Why?”

The bottom line is that there are many different ways to incorporate mobile technology into your company’s business model. For the most part, it’s an endeavor that’s always worth it – especially if you have the right company backing your work on updating your mobile presence.