The Black Friday Figures Are In: Mobile’s Up, Stores Are Down
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The Black Friday Figures Are In: Mobile’s Up, Stores Are Down

In the 90’s, nothing was quite as chaotic as Black Friday in the mall. It was a time when people would line up outside the store and even tackle one another in a buying frenzy. Those who were staffed to handle the crowds often felt like they were in the middle of a battlefield due to all the demands, questions, and credit cards that would be shoved in their faces. Black Friday has been, and probably will always be a major shopping day that business analysts use to determine the success of a store and its marketing measures.

Well, numbers were crunched this year, and what they found was pretty surprising. Stores actually had far fewer people in them than ever before. As expected, online ordering became a major factor in this, with Cyber Monday overshadowing Black Friday in many situations. Analysts expected online ordering to take the pressure off of retail staff members, and they also expected it to be just as large as it was.

What they weren’t expecting to see was that mobile online ordering became one of the most popular ways to access the sales. Here’s what they found out:

99 million people hit up stores this year...but over 109 million shopped online. This means that online orders actually beat out in-store purchases. And, this is quite possibly a historic first. Internet sales cleared $3 billion this year - another historic mark. Sales at brick and mortar stores actually fell this year by over 5%. And, mobile orders made a very significant chunk of all online orders, especially when it came to local pickups.

The bottom line is that it’s clear that old school Black Friday isn’t ever going to come back. What business owners need to do in order to keep competing in the new world of retail is to have an online, mobile-friendly storefront that allows clients to choose all the little gadgets they want to buy with the touch of a button. 

Thankfully, there is some good news. Store owners don’t need to have a degree in computer engineering to get a sleek, user-friendly online store ready for their clients to use. All they need to do is have the right merchant services company backing them and helping them out. If you want to get a new mobile-friendly store, call NMS today.