5 Reasons Why A Minimal Terminal Might Not Be A Money-Saving Deal
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5 Reasons Why A Minimal Terminal Might Not Be A Money-Saving Deal

Entrepreneurs are always looking for a bargain when it comes to running their business. That’s why so many of them love the idea of a simple, low cost EMV-ready terminal. But, as nice as it is to have a simple credit card terminal, it’s not always the best option. In many cases, having a simple terminal may actually be a waste of money – or just not fiscally wise. Here are some of the most common signs that a simple terminal isn’t a good idea.

  1. You have expenses that deal with scheduling. Believe it or not, certain terminals, including the Clover terminal series, allow you to schedule employees through them. If you’re currently using scheduling software, you may want to replace it with a more capable terminal.
  2. You have been considering setting up an online store. The right terminal can make it possible to accept online orders, deliver them, and also handle all cash transactions. If you have a standard “minimal” terminal, then it’s very likely that you would be paying extra for a separate online storefront. Moreover, it may also be more inconvenient to have to use separate platforms for both tasks, making a better terminal a time saver.
  3. You want to make it possible to include tips on your credit cards. A bare bones terminal might not allow for or encourage tipping among your clientele. This in turn can mean that your profits (and staff members) will suffer. A better terminal can encourage tipping and make tipping easier.
  4. You want to allow people to pay with methods that don’t involve a credit card. Mobile payments and PayPal are becoming increasingly popular methods of payment. If you want them to be used at your place of business, you will need to have a better terminal that can offer these payment types.
  5. You want to try merchant analytics. Unless you’re okay with entering in every single little transaction by hand, you will need to get a high quality, multifunctional terminal for your merchant analytics software to run. If you want to get the full details on what merchant analytics can reveal, you may even need a terminal that’s created for it.

Obviously, there’s only so much that a minimalist terminal can offer a company – and that means that most companies out there are probably better off investing in something better. If you want to upgrade your plain terminal for a more valid investment, call NMS today.