5 Reasons You Will Love The Clover Mini
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5 Reasons You Will Love The Clover Mini

The terminal that you choose can make a huge difference in how well your business does. A poor quality terminal can mean lagging checkout times, reduced functionality, and a subtly unprofessional appearance to your checkout lanes. One of the top choices for beginning businesses that want to have a major professional edge to their business without having to break the bank is the Clover Mini. In fact, it’s perfect for almost any beginning small business. Here’s why entrepreneurs are falling in love with this petite terminal...

  1. The Clover Mini is compact enough to fit into even the smallest spaces with ease. New businesses don’t often have a lot of space for checkouts. If you’re in a tight place (literally), then you need to conserve all the space you can. The Clover Mini is small enough to do this perfectly, without sacrificing functionality.
  2. Clover Mini features hardware that scales to your needs. Much like most other Clover terminals, the Clover Mini grows with your company. If you need just a secure but “bare bones” terminal, the Clover Mini will do that. If you need a full-service terminal with apps, the Clover Mini can be that terminal. It has as much functionality as you want it to have!
  3. The software allows you to run business from your terminal. The app marketplace is available via Clover Mini, too. Clover’s app marketplace has just about every app you could ever imagine. You can do inventory, get merchant analytics, and even schedule shifts via these apps. Needless to say, it’s a very cost-efficient way to handle your business – which makes it a great tool for beginners.
  4. It’s built for speed. Studies show that people will buy more and be more satisfied and more likely to return to your company if you have a speedy checkout. The more streamlined the checkout experience is, the better off you are. Clover Mini is built for speed, efficiency, and ease of use. This is why many top businesses prefer Clover to other competitors, too!
  5. Clover Mini looks sharp, and is incredibly sturdy. Clover Mini is made of antimicrobial Gorilla Glass, one of the toughest materials out there. Despite it being able to “take a beating,” it still looks stylish enough to look perfectly at home at top restaurants, cafes, and stores. In other words, this sends the right message to your company.

Clover Mini is a great terminal for just about any business that’s just starting up – or reaching better potential. If you want to get Clover Mini for your company, give us a call. NMS will be happy to help you get the terminal you need at a price you’ll adore.