Gaps Sees Growth From Mobile POS Integration
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Gaps Sees Growth From Mobile POS Integration

Big box retail clothing stores have definitely seen better days in recent years, primarily because there’s been a huge online shopping boom that has made many people debate the need to hit the mall for new clothes. One of the retailers that has been struggling to stay relevant in recent years would have to be Old Navy.

Old Navy, along with its subsidiaries, the Gap, Old Navy Kids, and Athleta, was often criticized for being behind the times with both its clothing and its overall customer experience. Now, in a surprising turn of events, the clothing giant has updated its checkout lines by offering mobile point of sale integration and streamlining online orders done via mobile device.

So far, the Gap has been on the forefront of the mobile POS integration trend, with approximately 20% of all Gap stores taking up the technology mods in a Q4 statement. The company believes that having mobile POS systems will increase engagement and also boost mobile transaction numbers in the near future.

Their mobile systems have unveiled a new mobile-friendly shopping companion that acts as a loyalty club card. According to the studies they have done on consumer approval ratings, consumers have been loving it. The mobile integration has improved sales and also gained great reception on customer service questionnaires.

Shareholders also go to enjoy the perks of the growth within the past couple of months. Gaps’ shares have improved dramatically, and the company is once again slated for growth in a highly tumultuous world.

Art Peck, CEO of Gap Inc., had this to say about the future plans of the megacorporation: “We are in the process right now of building out a multi-tender multi-brand loyalty program that will deliver a rich, mobile-delivered experience for our customer.”

What Can Small Businesses Take Away From This?

Small business should learn to take a page from what Gap has done. It’s clear that having mobile-friendly POS integration helps people have a good time in your store. It’s also clear that loyalty programs work, and that having terminals that make it easy for people to pay will end up giving your company better profits in the long run. The days in which people were content with waiting long times to check out goods are over.

The sooner that you improve your mobile presence and your mobile integration, the better off your company will be. At NMS, we specialize in improving mobile payments, ordering, and loyalty programs for small businesses. Give us a call, and we can make things work for your company, too.